User List from Active Directory Empty then Full then Empty, Missing Email Reports

Hi, I am pulling Users from a live web directory. Whenever I go to the User directory and hit more -> manage users, occasionally it opens with no users in the list. Then sometimes it takes a second to load and then there is the entire list of users populated. The directory has a few hundred users:


Full of Users:

This directory was setup prior to me but first wondering if anything looks off:

I just had an email report (that was previously tested and worked this AM) that failed to send with the following error. I went to gateway to check and all the users under Manage Users were gone.

How can I keep these users from disappearing?

EDIT: This is running 8.1.17


That is an AD/Internal Hybrid user source? I don't know if its relevant but when i was testing an AD Internal Hybrid user source with several thousand users it would peg my cpu when the cache validation happened. It turns out ignition was running one query for every user (8000+ queries in my case).

Yea it is Ad/Internal Hybrid. I’ll have to monitor CPU when that cache validation occurs. Were you able to find a remedy to this or did you see it affect your User list? Maybe this is what’s happening in our case, too.

I switched to a pure active directory user source, I couldn't find a way to filter my users to get a more reasonable number but i imagine it is possible for others.

I am getting a bunch of errors while fetching users. I am seeing this error every 2 minutes. Is this a timeout going on?

I really only need to update the user cache once a day and it can take minutes if needed.

The target AD server isn't responding to Ignition's connection at all.

It looks like the issue was that the field Primary Domain Controller Host was some specified hostname (e.g. ""), where we instead put the IP of the directory (e.g given by IT and now the issue is gone. I have not seen a timeout since that change.

I am not savvy enough on understanding why the hostname / webpage would timeout but going to the IP works. I thought they basically resolve to the same thing? Another thing to note is that multiple gateways were trying to connect to that hostname. I'm not sure if that would make a difference.

Broken/stale DNS, most likely.