User Management component can create duplicate users

It’s possible for the User Management component to create duplicate users. The problem seems to be that when the User Management component is checking for valid user names it’s only validating against the user names it has loaded. So the problem arises when you filter out a user names. When you filter out user names, the User Management doesn’t check those filtered out names because they are not loaded into the User Management component. This also makes me wonder it’s possible to create duplicate users without filter out names, such as in a case where two clients have the User Management component opened and they both try to create the same user name at the same time.

This is possible using a database User Source, I did not check this against other User Source types.

I created a work around for the time being, but it might be good to update the User Management component so that it checks the User Source before saving a new user.

Hey Pat,

So I was able to replicate this and have submitted a bug report for the developers to fix. I’ll let you know when I hear something.

So just to give you an update, looks like this problem has been marked as fixed for 7.7.5

Thanks for the update

I am having this same issue in 7.9.5.

I was not able to replicate the original issue described in this post in 7.9.5. Could you give a little more detail on what you are doing? Or if you want, call or email in to support and they can take a closer look at what you are seeing.

Our user component is filtering users using the filterUser extension function. We are using the Manage Users mode. When I add a new user with a username that I know already exists, but is filtered out, it allows me to type the username and displays the green check next to the username input field. I can then click the save button, and the slider moves back to the list of users. Initially, I thought it was actually creating a duplicate user, but it appears it is not. However, it is still allowing me to type a duplicate username and the green checkmark appears.

Ah I see. Yeah, it should at the very least throw an error if you try to click the save button. I’ll look into having that implemented.

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Do you have any update on this issue?

I submitted the bug report, but no timeline on a fix just yet.

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