User Management Issues on Upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6

A customer of ours is using database based authentication. Attempting to be proactive, we build the user management database tables using Ignition 7.6, then developed Ignition screens to manage the users and groups with Ignition 7.5 (their current version at the time).

Recently we upgraded one of their servers to 7.6 and the authentication failed to work. We are encrypting the password using MD5. And storing the information in SQL Server 2008. All the user information is show correctly within the gateway (leading me to believe we filled in the “Manual” entries correctly). The authentication query “where” clause is identical to 7.5 and works correctly when executed in SQL or an Ignition project, but users can not authenticate anywhere (gateway, designer, or application).

Does your authentication query use the old format of MD5($password$)? If so try replacing the $password$ with a question mark (?). If that doesn’t work could you send in your authentication query in an email to so I can take a look at it?