User Management Issues

I need help trying to configure user management component to be able to edit every user information by having an administrative role (example: Admin Role) and restricting anyother user without admin roles from editing other user’s information except theirs. The issues I am facing is that if a user has both admin and Maint Roles for instance, the expression binding I did at the Behaviour>>Mode under the user management component will break.
here the expression that I have written:


does anyone have an idea to get the user with both roles to be able to edit every user while limiting other users without admin role from editing every user except their own user

The expression you’re using will return 0 or 1, depending on if you have the Admin role or not. However the Mode property, firstly is an integer data type, and secondly, setting it to 1 allows editing of the current user only.
You need to fix your expression, and I suggest explicitly writing the correct integer value for each state, at least for clarity’s sake.