User Management make user inactive

Hi, i’m trying to make a user inactive in the user management, i don’t know if it is possible as it seems that it is not so fat. the problem is if i see all the users we will end up with too many user in a couple years, as employee turnaround is inevitable. and we can’t delete user as the actions taken in the system are all audited and most actions have a userid, deleting a user won’t be allowed by a constraint in SQL.
so has anybody been able to make a user inactive? if so how?

Thank you.

What about making a role called “active”, then using the “active” role as a requirement to launch the project (or make changes).

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Thanks it would help some for now that idea, so i might implement, problem is that they will still show up in the user management, so the list will keep growing and growing. but it would help at least to prevent unauthorized access.

You could extend the idea to an additional column in the database (it seems like you’re using a DB user source). Then you could switch to ‘manual’ mode and adjust the DB queries to only pull in users that are ‘active’, and only allow authentication if the ‘active’ column is also set to true:

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