User Manual Changelog

The “living” online manual is fantastic for this sort of reason, but it also sometimes leaves me questioning my sanity when I find features or information that I swear wasn’t there just a week or month ago.


100% agree with this. It would be great if there was revision history that was accessible for the manuals so we could keep up to date on new information and keep our “sanity” by knowing when/how definitions have changed.

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Unless I’ve lost my sanity, it looks like the user manual changelog was added today according to the user manual changelog!? :sweat_smile: Thank you @Paul.Scott and/or Brandon Au (based on the changelog) and anyone else who had a part in that!


From experimenting with the changelog, I can see it was added on April 25th.
Is there a trick to getting to the viewpreviousversions page of a specific documentation page without expanding and searching the changelog? I can’t seem to figure out the pageId for other random pages easily.

Oh, interesting. I was looking at the edit made yesterday that appears to add the changelog link to the “New in this Version” page:

So maybe it’s been there since April but was only accessible if you knew the exact link to type in…

I’m also not seeing a pattern on the pageId yet.

I wouldn’t get too attached to the current implementation. The platform we use for the docs has that feature built-in, so I figured I’d check it out. I like the idea of a docs changelog, but the implementation on that page doesn’t feel right.

For example, that page contains everything we do to a page, typos, incomplete thoughts, and all. I’d prefer the changelog to summarize all the changes to a page for a given task, showing the changes from the previous published page and the next published page (instead of showing incremental changes).

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Obviously you just need to convert all of your documentation to some markdown-esque format and host it all in a public git repository. :stuck_out_tongue:

That actually is my preferred method, but I know it’s a huge effort to move to a new format, especially when the current one seems to work really well.

Thank you for enabling the changelog view as it is.


I’m not going to promise anything, but that’s in the direction I was hoping to go.