User Manual Request: Object documentation

For the user manual, I think it would be great if there were a section that outlined the functions and exposed variables of the objects in ignition. For instance for the AlarmEvent object something like this example from jQuery would be nice.

Right now I can see all the names of the functions with print dir() but I’d prefer to see the full method signatures and arguments somewhere.

Also if there is a place to see the argument list and source for these objects please let me know!

Pro tip: even if you aren’t writing modules, the Module SDK can be your friend.

Download the ModuleSDK from the downloads page and unzip the file. (Make sure you grab the SDK for the version of Ignition you’re using.) You’ll see a folder named “javadocs”. In there, open the index.html page in your browser. Scroll down to AlarmEvent and you’ll see all of the public API and documentation.

That said, the Javadocs can definitely use improvement. Let us know about any that aren’t clear enough – improving those docs isn’t a high priority, but if we have specific questions it’s a good task for days when the brain power isn’t up to tackling hard coding issues. :wink:

I agree with Kathy. There have been times that I have found the Module SDK very useful when I’m working on an Ignition project, not a module.

I want to say to the IA developers, thanks for the javadocs, and any improvements or additions to it are really valuable to more advanced Ignition users and module developers. Time improving it is well spent.

Hey, quick responses! That’s nice to see.
So first, that’s for the pro-tip that’s what I’m looking for exactly!