User Manuals

The User Manual is not comprehensive and lacks a significant amount of info. As an Ignition Designer this is my first ‘port of call’. Compared to user docs / guides / manuals / whitepapers / discussion papers available to me from Schneider, Siemens & Rockwell, what you have to offer is not sufficient for me to do my job.
Same for the web site.

The user manual is currently undergoing a major rewrite and reorganization for 7.8 - I think everyone will be quite pleased with the results.

In the meantime Inductive University provides some good supplemental material, albeit in video form.

Hello Kevin
Thx for the prompt reply. I am looking forward to having some quality printed documentation in my hands.

Also, I have been through the videos, and they are good introduction. But it is not practical for my job when I am in the middle of ControlLogix issues (of which there are many), plant malfunctions (of which there are many), safety plc issues (of which there are many), angry production staff (you get the picture) & I have to go to the video. Also, videos are far too quick. What are those guys on ? Look at quality videos coming from Udemy & Lynda for 2 examples. Personally, I think you should give up on the videos & concentrate on giving me material to help me to do some amazing programming.

We are pushing hard for plant wide control via Ignition, but I need to be able to source quality docs.
We are quite time short here, and are looking to Ignition to help us build better plant wide systems.
Regards Steve Hargraves