User multiple badge numbers

In the user config is it possible to enter multiple badge numbers in the badge user property? Some users have multiple badges for different areas of the plant and would be ideal to allow multiple badge numbers as some users go between departments.

@jspecht might be able to give a more official answer.

But I don’t think so. (could be wrong)

However you could use a DB to do this. Use a script to take the badge number, cross ref a username,password then log on the user with that info.

Thanks, eventually I think this will be handled by LDAP/IT. There is a project to upgrade the badge reader system at the site which will render my question obsolete but until then we will have 6+ months of manual login credential entry when moving between secondary assignment areas.

If you can pull login info into a db or csv from wherever it might not be too hard to create a little work around to ease the pain for that time

For my curiosity, what system are you upgrading to? I manage a pretty large enterprise card reader system, which i absolutely hate, and have been looking for alternatives. On a side note, we don’t allow duplicate cards, we can grant the appropriate access to any badge in the system.

Just note you can’t do this if you’re using an idp - you can’t script a login

Yeah, thats why I said a DB. it can work but you kinda have to expose passwords a bit more than anyone with security concerns would like.

Side note: you need a user created with a password which will match what your DB will pull to do the logging in.

If you can switch to a Database user source in manual mode (or an AD / DB Hybrid), there is a setting to specify the badge authentication query. You could design your tables to support multiple badges per user, and write the appropriate query to search for a user given whatever badge the user uses at the time of authentication.

Other user source profile types do not support > 1 badge per user.