User password / custom user login window

Hi All!,
I need capture the user and password in order to make checks of user profile (Roles and other data).
Is there a way by script the current logged in user password.
Other option I’m thinking about is on customize the login window but I couldn’t find info about it :frowning: Is it possible to customize the login window of the HMI app in Ignition, I mean put my own window which ask for the user and password to log in.

Any help, thank you a lot!


Hoy Claudio,

yes it is very easy to create this functionality using scripting in ignition. Are you using your own custom database tables or are you using the default db auth?


According to his other post, Claudio is using AD/DB Hybrid.

Claudio, are these two threads related? What are you envisioning to do?