User Re-verification [FEATURE-15136]


Is it possible in Perspective to prompt the user for a reverification as part of the security setting?

The reasoning is to protect certain sensitive actions from being performed by someone else prior to a authorised person logging out. E.g. an engineer logs in and turns his back, while an opportunistic operator quickly ups a sensitive parameter value. The reverification would prompt the engineer to prove it’s him by reentering his password.

Yes, you should log out and not leave your session open. Different discussion.


Hi @deon.korb -

What you are asking for is not possible at this time but it is similar to other ideas we have talked about before.

How would you determine that a re-verification is required in your situation?

It’s common to require credential re-verification for certain actions. It doesn’t matter if you just logged in, you’ll have to re-enter your password–or another authorized username and password–to complete certain actions. So it’s not a matter of determining when it’s needed; it’s always needed for certain actions.

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Hi Joel,

I suppose I can be specified where the security permission is specified. E.g. Security level of Engineer required, with a check mark that verification is also required.


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Thanks for the input. I’ve created an internal feature ticket (15136) to track this feature request.


Thanks, Joel