User Schedule Setup- Swing Shift

Hi All,

My Operators and Electricians,Mechanics work in a Swing Shift 4 Days ON 4 days OFF,
The sequence is :
4 days from 7am-7pm , 4 days off, 4 days from 7pm-7am., 4 days off, 4 days from 7am-7pm–repeats

How to create schedules for this type shift and associate users so that they rotate automatically,
Any help will greatly appreciated?

So, there’s not really a direct way to do this. The frustrating thing is that we’re so close to being able to do this! All we’d need is some sort of composite schedule…I’ll put in a ticket request for that.

In the meantime, you’d have to create two different schedules.
One would be the morning shift, with a 4-day on, 12-day off cycle.
The other would be the evening shift, with the same cyle but offset by 8 days.

The bad part is that you’d have to create duplicate users because users can only be on one schedule at a time.

Like I said above - if only we had some sort of composite schedule where you could define a schedule as a composite of two or more other schedules! I like this idea, we’ll post back here when it gets implemented.

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Carl, if you try to do nesting it getts complicated.
Based on a start date (forgeting the days of the week.) the shif shoul be incremented to the next shif after an x ammount of days.
If the shift was a user property it could be changed with a script.
The attached file shows a diagram for a 3 shift 21x7 and a 7x7 with two shifts.
This is very common in the process industry and on any industry that works 24 hours a day.
ie Day Shift = 1, Evening Shit = 2 Night Shift = 3 Leave = 4.
Group A moves from 1 to 2 after seven days, from 2 to 3 after seven days and from 3 to 4 after seven days and then back to 1.
On the 12 hour shifts there are two kinds od leave (Day Leave and Knight Leave) and the same rule applies.
Some rosters are 4x3 but do not do day and night shifts Only days so it is a bit simpler and can be done with what you already have.

I think the scriptable roster would help with that idea. You could add a user property to each user to show which shift group they were on and then use that property in your scriptable roster to see if they are on-shift or not.


I think that would help provided there is also provision for the user can be in more than one schedule. so that I can assign him to multiple shifts and then check him for on shift or not. And also figuring the recurring pattern may be with script.

Yeah, well, with the scriptable idea of course anything is possible.

I’d like to figure out a more “built-in” way to do it but thus far nothing clean and simple has come to mind.

My 2 cents
If on the Schedule configurator you could add a second pane for rotating shifts then you need to define the following parameters:
Working days:
Resting days:
Number of Shifts per day: (Internally you have to add a phantom so it is always counts to 4)
Day shift satrted: (Each indididual starting date makes things complicated when an individual does not start with his group or goes on vacation)
First Shif Starting Hour:
Second Shift Starting Hour:
Third Shift Starting Hour: (Only visible for 3 shifts per day)
The hours are manly for the program to know the shift number.
On the user side it gets a bit more fancy because someone needs to validate their presence for every shift. And that is almost a time and attendance module. Some T&A are DB driven and an integration path would be simpler. Many are not.
An easy way to validate the user presence would be with his loging into Ignition.
What I failed to see on the commands for scripting is a command to set the shift parameter for each user.