User Scroll Bar Hide for Text Area

I’m tying to have a label that wraps text. How can I do this?

If I use a text area, how can I hide the scroll bar?

If I write this in the script console, it briefly hides it but then it gets overridden:

txt = system.gui.getWindow(win).getRootContainer().getComponent(‘Text Area’)
scroll = txt.getVerticalScrollBar()

What’s overriding this command? Is there a way to make the scroll bar disappear?


set the row and column property to 0.

You just need to check to line wrap property to true if you want the text to wrap. Removing the cursor is as stated above (set Rows to 0 or 1, column is not really needed since that get rids of the horizontal bar but that goes away with the line wrap property), but it won’t stop the scroll bar from appearing again if the text runs out of space.