User Security - User name only with numbers

in our company we use user identification only with numbers. For example user name is: 321
In ignition project we want to use same system.

But when im creating new user in ignition, user form forces me to use one letter at start of user name, so i can enter “U123” but not “123”.

I tried to change user name later directly in database (from U123 to 132), and it works fine at first look.

It is possible to change settings of user form, so i can create user name with numbers only directly?
Is there any problem for Ignition to rewrite user name to number only in DB, will this cause some issues elsewhere?

Thank you

Yikes. I looked up the regex we’re using for name validation, and it’s really restrictive. As you’ve found out, you are required to start with a 7-bit ASCII letter.

The two places we validate user names are the gateway’s user edit form and the User Management component in vision, so if you try to edit users in one of those places the validation will fail. That validation is not editable by the user (you). A quick glance at the code doesn’t show any obvious problems from using only digits other than that.

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Hi Kathy,
Are there any plans to update that regex to allow a number as the first character?
I’m in the same boat.