User session props always null in designer

When login to designer and editing perspective project it is nice if in session props show the current user info display instead of null value.
It is really hard and annoying when designing object in perspective with security on it that bind to user session info value in designer. The object get error overlay to it and it is not possible to test and see final result untill see project in browser.
Yes I know designer is not session but still the perspective editing environment is a broswer. So it is good to have corrent user name in session user props.

You could always copy that user object and make a new session custom property out of it. Now, supply values you might expect for a known user, or values you’d like to test; this will allow you to design around known info. When you’re done, bind the custom user object to the true object.

Clever idea. Any way why IA fill them null in designer?

  1. They must always be expected to be present.
  2. They must always be expected to be manipulated directly by the system, and not a user/scripts/bindings.
  3. Allowing a Designer user to manipulate those properties in the Designer and make changes based off of these changes can easily result in important differences in behavior between the Designer and a runtime environment.
  4. Having them attached to the user who is logged into the Designer could also result in situations where the Designer would behave one way, while a runtime session would behave differently.