User Source table-Authentication issue

Hai ,
I need to change the column names in the user source table because doing so causes the authentication to fail.

Is it viable to modify the table?How am i able to authenticate?

Thanks in advance,

Please provide more information. What you starting with, what changes you are making, and why, at the very least.

When I using the below method to insert the value to empid (newly added column ),
its not inserting the value to the appropriate field .(which one I newly added column into the user tabel)

Get new user

userToGet = system.user.getNewUser("AcmeWest", "mTrejo")

Add some contact info

contactInfo = {"email":"","sms": "5551234"}
userToGet.set("password", "thisIsMyPassword")

Add New colmun for empid

userToGet.set("empid", "1000")

Adds a user to the the AcmeWest usersource.

system.user.addUser("AcmeWest", userToGet)

Well, that function isn't documented to support custom columns in a user source. The User class, while a PropertySet, has a static list of properties exposed. This is a database table. Use database methods to alter its content.