User Sources documentation page update required

I think on the page the documentation at bullet points 1. and 2. needs to be updated. The indicated path doesn’t contain the mentioned information, its moved to other location so I think it needs to be updated as its causing lot of confusion!

Which User Source Controls What?

With potentially multiple User Sources defined, you need to understand which User Sources are controlling which aspects of Ignition. To determine what kind of User Source is governing what, do the following:

  1. To manage users and passwords for logging into the Gateway Configuration section, you’ll need to see what User Source is currently set as the Gateway’s User Source. You can check this under Config > System > Gateway Settings by looking at the System User Source field and the Gateway Config Role(s) field.
  2. To manage users and passwords for logging into the Designer, you follow the same steps as in #1, except that you need to look at the Designer Role(s) field to see what roles are allowed to log into the Designer.

Is this on an 8.0.x gateway? I thought the new location was new for 8.1

Asking because your link is pointing to the 8.0 maual.

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@JordanCClark , indeed. This is the same portion of the page from the 8.1 manual:

For User Sources that support it, you can manage the users and roles from within the Ignition Gateway’s web configure interface under Config > Security > Users, Roles . Click on the manage users link for the User Source you want to administer.

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You are right, I was looking at documentation for version 8 whereas I have installed 8.17! Thanks for pointing out.

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I wish I could say I’ve never done that. Alas, such is not the case.

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