Username in Transactin Group

I am trying to log cycle data using a transaction group. I would like to have the current logged in operator as a part of that record. I created a standard transaction group and added the data to store. It all works fine except the Client\User\Username tag is storing as null. Any suggestions?

Transaction groups run on the server side of things and thus the [client] tags are non-existent at that point.

If you set up a new gateway memory tag and maybe put a client startup script that gets updated whenever a client launches, the transaction group can at least log the “last logged in user”. Otherwise there’s no good mechanism to trap that information.

The client tags are not available in the server environment, but the gateway can deliver information about all logged-in users via runScript(). Create an expression tag with the following one-liner:runScript("','.join([x['username'] for x in system.util.getSessionInfo()])")If you don’t want to include active designers, use this one:runScript("','.join([x['username'] for x in system.util.getSessionInfo() if not x['isDesigner']])")You can also place this in a triggered expression item that stores directly to the database.