Username is case-sensitive

It looks like this topic may have been brought up, but I found out that usernames for users are case-sensitive. We decided to use people’s email addresses as their username, and when they login through the mobile app, the phone device (iPhone in this case, but Android might be the same) likes to automatically capitalize the first letter when they go to enter their username. Is this a bug? Feature? Is there a way to make it not case-sensitive?

What version of Ignition are you using? The login form fields are supposed to have the autocapitalize turned off as of 8.1.8.

Ya, that’s what I thought, too. I’m on 8.1.15 and I just had a guy use his iPhone with the Perspective app to login, and it only worked if he manually changed the first letter to lowercase.

You are using Ignition’s IdP? Can you look at the actual form (on a desktop) in browser devtools? My username field in the Ignition IdP looks like this:

Yes, I’m just using the default IdP. This is the username field:

Also, I just tried my own username with a capital first letter and it consistently failed to log me in.

Right, okay - so there’s two things going on.

The mobile device should not be automatically capitalizing the first letter, unless the mobile device is for some reason ignoring the autocapitalize attribute we’re setting on the input.

The second thing that’s going on is that IdP usernames are case sensitive. I think that depends on your backing user source, actually? I’m going to tag @jspecht in, because this isn’t my area of expertise, but there’s some context in a thread here that alludes to some of this being intentional (but this is a long time ago now, so I’m not sure if anything’s changed):

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As another note I thought of, I’m using the employees’ email addresses as their username and the email address format is firstName.lastName, so I think the period in the middle is causing the iPhone keyboard to automatically capitalize the first letter. Not sure if that’s relevant, but wanted to bring it up.

Ran into this same issue. Scripts will error when retrieving roles from the user sources and/or names from On Call Rosters if the username in the active directory does not match what is returned by Example: If the username on the Users, Roles webpage is and getUsername returns User.Name there will be an issue. For most of our users, the username is User.Name, but someone is entering them as during setup, but the rest of their entries have the first letter capitalized. It does not impact logging in to programs. Is there an alternate way to get a username from a program?