Users Overlap in perspective Views

Users overlap
Here Perspective view "Overview" is not shown in my perspective tree but it is constantly showing that page is overlapped in the designer. kindly give suggestion how to remove this conflict

If two or more people have the page open and make any changes you'll get an overlapping conflict. So you'll need to keep resolving them.

Just press save and it'll prompt you to resolve the conflict. To avoid don't open pages other people are actively developing

understood. But in my case the resource conflict shows for the same user. Then I have removed the view from the Page. But it still shows the resource is being used how it could be possible?

That could be a flaky network connection, where the gateway mistakenly creates another session and abandons a broken one.

Assuming you do not have access to the VM/Server that the gateway is running on to use gwcmd to restart the Ignition and resolve the issue, how would you go about resolving it, if at all?