Users source migration

Hi @Colby.Clegg
is it a way to migrate an existing ‘Internal User Source’ with more than 50 users profiles to a new ‘Database User Source’?
My orignal issue is that, i’ll like to restore backup on a production gateway and i don’t want to erase all users changes.


You can copy the config.idb file out of the installation directory, then open it with sqlite; then copy the values out of the INTERNAL* tables and put them into the appropriate tables in your database user source:

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Thanks @PGriffith,

It seems that the password encryption isn’t the same between an SQLITE Internal database and a MYSQL Database User source. In this case, all users must change his password.

I don’t think there’s going to be any way to avoid that. The internal DB passwords are salted and hashed.

EDIT: Well, maybe you could. The first piece of the user password column (in square brackets) is the salt, and the remainder is a SHA-256 hash. MySQL has different hash functions built in - presumably you could manipulate your queries into a state where this works.

As you said before I understand that the password encryption method depend of the database engine?
May be it could be more easy to update internal SQLITE DB on restore gwbk?