Using a COM port?

I have a device that is connected through COM Port 1 on the server where Ignition is installed, is there a way to access the com port and send commands using ignition? I looked but didn’t see much.


The serial support modules should let you do this. If the device is attached to the same machine the gateway is on you’ll use the gateway version of the module.

That’s great, i don’t know how i missed that! Thanks

aaaannnddd I cant seem to find the module anywhere…

Here you go: marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=61

Thanks, I appreciate it!

How about USB support? Can I use the serial module or does it have to be rs232 only? thanks

If you’re talking about a serial-to-USB converter then sure, that usually works, since the drivers for them generally end up creating another COM port you can talk to just like serial.

Other than that there’s no ability to communicate via USB.