Using a dropdown to filter/select rows of a table to write values to tags

I am trying to use a dropdown parts list to select a row in a power table displaying control limits. Using a button with scripting I want to write the values from the table to the several historical tags for LCL, LSL, USL, and UCL. I have been following the user manual and nothing is working. If you have any suggestions please advise.

Edit: I just looked at your query again, are you trying to run a select statement on the PowerTable in your client? Or is your database table also named Power_Table

I am trying to run the query against the Power Table in my client per the following user manual instruction.![Screen%20Shot%201|552x201]

Here is a simple view of the 3 components I am trying to use.

When you select the article number from the drop down list the same article number (row) would be selected for display in the power table. The power table has additional columns that are hidden which include the spec and control limits. The set button would then be pressed to execute the script and write the spec and control limits to the alarm tags. The power table will eventually be hidden to clean up the screen. The use of the drop down selection and the set button would assign the appropriate spec and control limits to the alarm tags.


The link you posted is for filtering down results in an SQL Table, not for Power Table components.

You will probably have to update your script to either re-query the data from the source, or you might be able to find the row number somehow in the existing dataset to highlight that row.