Using a query for time series chart

More noob questions and my google-fu is failing me today.

How do I use a query as the data for a time series chart? I keep getting object found, array expected error.

Is there a resource where this is explained?

Thanks for your patience.

This gives a description of the properties for a Perspective Time Series Chart:

It's hard to say without more information, but my guess is you're binding an object to the series property. The series property needs to be an array, each element of which must contain a name and data property. The data property can be an object.

Well, I'm trying to make a histogram and I'm just in way over my head.

I can't find any demos or tutorials about how to do it.

This doesn't specifically cover a histogram, but it's a good introduction to the Time Series Chart. If you want your histogram to be time-based this may be the best component.

The XYChart can also show columns. If your histogram is based on anything other than time this will probably work better.

This is what I need, my histogram will be showing buckets by the weight. I think I'm going to use the chart range selector for the time.

Is there an existing method or best practice for displaying Min Max lines on a XYChart?