Using a script for writing to a Tag bound to a parameter

I have a templated object that has a custom parameter, to which will be bound to a tag.
I also have a mousePressed scripting event attached to same object.

What I want to do is within the script, is to write values to the tag that is bound to an instance of the object. But I don’t see how/know to do this with the scripting functions. I know can write values to internal parameters using (for example)

event.source.MyInternalParam = 1

But this doesn’t seem to get propagated through to a bound tag.

My end goal is to have the equivalent of a standard button etc where the tag drop target is written to when the button is pressed. Is there anyway to achieve this? Or do I need to change my approach?

Have you set the binding to bidirectional?


OK … I have no idea what was going on. The binding was bidirectional. It always was bidirectional. Except now the code is working as expected.

I’m going to delete this question after I patch the hole in my desk where my head was just visiting


Please don’t. This sort of thing helps newbies ask questions that they’d be otherwise afraid/ashamed to ask.

OK, I won’t. But the problem wasn’t to do with anything I was asking about and seemed to mysteriously resolved itself. When I fired up my system to confirm that the binding was bidirectional (which I knew it was) it just worked. So from my point of view this question doesn’t;t hold any value.