Using alert acknowledge button to influence background color

Consider the following scenario.

I have 100 tags with alert enabled for all of them. (These tags are UDT instances)
The values of these 100 tags are being displayed using an LED object. I have created a template for the same.
Now, I would like to make the background of the LED object change its color based on the alert condition. Also when the acknowledge button is pressed the background should hold the color and not flash. (This is very similar to the manual reset sequence in the ISA S-18.1).
I could do the background flashing part, using an expression tag and then linking it to the background color. The Expression tag calculated the alarm state.
However I would like to link the alarm acknowledge button for a particular tag to the background color of an object. :neutral_face:
How do i go about this?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Viggi,

From experience with other SCADA packages, I would normally combine the tag’s alarm and unacknowledge states in an expression tag e.g.alarmValue = alarm state + 2 * (alarm unacknowledged state)This would give you 4 possible values for the 4 combinations of alarm and unacknowledge states.

Unfortunately Ignition supplies an alarm acknowledge state instead, which behaves inconsistently depending on whether you acknowledge the tag before or after it goes out of alarm.

I’m going to raise this as a bug.

How is there an issue with the alarm’s acknowledge state? You should be able to bind to the alertAcknowledged property of the tag.

Hi Bobby,

See this post.