Using an indirect tag in an expression generates error

I am simply trying to perform a multiplication function in a parameterized window. I found an example in the User Manual under the “Tutorials and Helpful Tricks” section for Indirect Bindings and Window Parameters.

The expression is:

tag({Root Container.AnalogTag} + “/InEuMax”) * .75

The error is:

Type mismatch in operation ‘MULTIPLY’: expected ‘Number’, found ‘Object’

The tag({Root Container.AnalogTag} + “/InEuMax”) by itself does return the correct floating point value from the processor. It only fails when I try to multiply it.

The example code from the User Manual is:


“Facility/Valves/Valve” +

{Root Container.ValveNumber} +


) * 100.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try using type cast:

toFloat(tag({Root Container.AnalogTag} + "/InEuMax")) * .75