Using ChatGPT with Ignition

I don't like the Idea of "using AI for everything" because to me it seems lazy, but what are some hypothetical ways that AI's can be used with Ignition? I don't trust it to keep a real time record, but what about a friend for workers to talk toπŸ˜‚. I don't think it's being talked about enough, will it change the industrial world? Or will it become a tool?

From my perspective, it's being talked about too much. I try to set aside time each week to read and keep up with the latest information related to development, but in the past year, I would say that 50 to 75% of the articles have been about developments and uses of AI. At first, it was quite interesting, but for about six months now, I've found myself completely burned out on it. My eyes just kind of glaze over and scan past the AI articles looking for something different to read.

That said though, there have been some interesting developments related to applying chatGPT to Ignition over at the Exchange that could help answer your question:

β€’ ChatING
β€’ Python Code Assistant
β€’ Chatbot Vision


I'll have to check these out, but in my opinion AI isn't "smart enough" to do extreme tasks, it struggles to do basic html. Maybe in the future, but currently, no.

Just for the hell of it a coworker snapped a picture of a AENT module he was trying to get working and sent the picture to ChatGPT 4o. With no other prompt other that the picture it told him the part number, explained all the LEDs, named the point-IO card mounted next to it. It even noticed that one of the LEDs was red and gave some suggestions on what causes that. It didn't solve the problem but it impressed me that it actually gave some useful information. (it turned out to be a bad neutral on a safety module) I was so surprised because every time I have used older versions the answers were basically useless. Skynet will soon be here.

It's kinda like giving your workers a chat buddy while making sure everything's ticking along nicely. Plus, it's great at picking up on trends as they happen and making everything run smoother. Surely it's already a tool in some companies.

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What do you mean by this?