Using Client Diagnostics to view the value of a client tag?

I am trying to view the value of a Client tag while I have my project Launched. I know that I cannot simply view the client tag in the Tag Browser because the designer environment and the Launched Project are separate scopes. Is there any way to use the Diagnostics popup in the Client environment to view the value of the Client tag at any given time? There is a diagnostics feature like this in other SCADA platforms I have used, but I cannot seem to find one in ignition. I.E. for Indusoft Web Studio, there is what is called the “Database Spy” and you can enter a tag path during runtime and it will tell you the value.

To the best of my knowledge, you would have to use a tag change or other client event and the system.util.getLogger() function if you wanted to be able to view the tag value specifically in the client diagnostics window.

I guess my question would be do you really need the client tag value to be visible there, or would a custom pop-up work? That would arguably be easier, to just have a field bound to the tag value on a pop-up window.

True. For troubleshooting purposes, I just dropped in a Label Component and bound it to the Client tag. This way I could see that the client tag was changing correctly. If I have more than one client tag that I want to monitor, I will try the system.util.getLogger() function that you mentioned.