Using Client tag in Named Query

Hey, I seem to be having an issue getting a named query to use the current value in a client tag, to filter a SQL query i’m doing.

SELECT compressor.comp_name,
FROM compressor
INNER JOIN asset ON compressor.comp_ID = asset.asset__id
WHERE compressor.comp_name = :CompName

If i create a Value or QueryString parameter pointing to the client tag:

{[Client]SelectedComp} #Currently has value of Selected Compressor in the DB - BristolComp003
I get no results.

If i manually set the WHERE clause to WHERE compressor.comp_name = 'BristolComp003’
It works. Is there something i’m missing as to how to use the client tag properly to filter this named query? Thanks.

Nevermind figured it out. Had to use:"[Client]SelectedComp").value