Using different UDT Instances referencing same PLC AOI-Development Environment

I have about 60 pieces of equipment to build graphics for in a development environment. They must all be complete and reviewed with customer before implementation in the building. Our lab environment has 4 PLC's. In the building when live we will have 60 PLC's that come with the equipment.

There are 4 types of this particular piece of equipment. My UDT definitions are built for these types. There are parameters to set the opcPath that pushes down throughout the nested instance types. I just set the top level opcPath and opcServer with the controller name. Once in the real environment, each instance would have one of 60 plc names.

But while in development, is there a problem with using 15 different udt instances all pointing at the same development plc. If this is acceptable, I can use each of the 4 plc's to host one of the 4 different types of equipment. Question is will this have a major negative impact on the plc's or Ignition while I am in this development environment that is shared with many many integrators?

Depends on the total load, but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with what you are doing.

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It's a dev environment though, load on the plc doesn't really matter. It will just mean your tags will poll slower than you are telling them to :man_shrugging: