Using Dynamic Templates

I am making use of the dynamic template code described in this post.

I am able to create templates, write to their custom properties, and place them any where I need at runtime using a project script however I’ve hit a few walls with what I’d like to do.
My template contains an animated object, for example -an image that pulses by binding its width and height properties to a signal generator value. The animation does not work.
Another example is a style customizer with an animation that just flashes between 2 colors. I can set the colors in the customizer no problem, but animations do not work.
Is it possible to use component animations in templates that are added dynamically?

Another issue I have is expression bindings.
I can bind the text of a label in my template to a Custom Property using the Property binding but if I reference custom properties in an Expression binding, this does not work.

Any help or insight is appreciated!