Using eclipse to create components

Does anyone do this?
I was hoping that I could create a customized component using WindowsBuilder inside of Eclipse to create an object that could be exported to my Ignition project since its Java…

Sure this is possible, what you’d fundamentally be doing is using the Module SDK to create a component.

Go to: to sign up/download the module sdk. The programmer’s guide talks about building modules (and components), and there’s a few examples that add components (the “component example” and the “weather example”)

It’s not as simply as dropping a class in, but it’s not all that hard, either. Beyond bundling it up as a module, you need to do a little bit of work to expose the properties you want, make the icon for the palette, etc.


I think Kyle Chase does but most of them cost $$.
I would like to learn how. I was looking at the ‘jfreecharts’ I would like to implement a couple of SPC type charts.
Some of them look very ‘familiar’…
I have also went through this: … ed_Eclipse

I built it in eclipse and had it functioning but there where “dependencies” that, the way I understood it would make ignition break or would at least cause me to have a ‘custom’ non upgradeable package.
I also did not know how to get what I made in Eclipse–Into Ignition…
In regards to that it does appear that some of Kyles modules have dependencies that require that same measure of maintenance, whether related to dependencies I do not know.

Guess the first step would be signing up for that sdk. I am certain there would be some form of testing platform.

You can download the sdk directly from the downloads page. Read through the first part of the developer’s guide, and see if it makes sense. The “sign up” part is just to get a developer key that lets you run “unsigned” (dev) modules. It also enables a servlet in the gateway that lets the build file automatically push updated modules to the gateway.


I got the cd-key for dev mode in my email… although when I installed it, I am now in trial mode again…
I think my integrator key needs to be upgraded to support dev mode.

Try to update your license now.



If you need a hand, I can help tonight. Im in getting shit done mode (rPI write up will hopefully be started tonight)


I like that mode! I would like to learn how to build some of the spc charts but I cannot afford the
spc module. I have looked at jfree charts and I also already have eclipse. I have used it in the
past for android app development. if you have an android its in the play store. its called plc cable ref.
I havent updated it in a long time… I also realize I dont have any specific questions to ask for help about.
I dont have the sdk or a dev key. I would still like to get better at the scripting within ignition before I move on
to any development of components. I still have not used all of them in the pallet in a project yet.
Im shifting into weekend mode lol… I still have an addiction to this forum even on the weekends. so much
collective knowledge and skill I just cant soak it in fast enough…

I would love some help!
I have been been playing with JSpinners all morning, trying to figure out how to do this.
best idea I have found is upButtonClickHandler and downButtonClickHandler..
I suppose somehow I'm supposed to change the stepsize according to how long these ActionEvents are incorporated.. Although conceptually, it doesn't make sense because I don't see how I can KNOW if i am holding the button down or simply clicking very fast.. I need a button held or maybe mouse pressed && value changed SETUP..
Perhaps I need to start with something much more basic..

What is "this" referring to? Am I missing some context?

Yes Carl, you’re missing this (<-Note: the link points to a forum only visible to people who have registered for the dev program).