Using External Markdown Editors with Ignition

I'm wanting to write markdown in an external markdown editor and load that file into ignition. I started using MarkText and I really like the editor but when I load it in ignition and try to display the markdown file in a markdown component it doesn't render the same as it does in MarkText. The main problems I am having are with code blocks / fences and the way lists are rendered.

Is there an editor that exist that matches how ignition renders markdown? Is there a setting I can change in Ignition or MarkText to make the two render similarly?

do you have a sample of the markdown that does not work in ignition?

Nav Framework.txt (2.8 KB)

Original file and differences in rendering.

Only thing I see is that Ignition does not apply bold weight to code in the middle of a line (can be fix in the CSS, if you want to go there), and does not seems to support syntax highlighting, which is an extended feature of Markdown

Ignition and the editor are rendering the bullets different. Headers get a bold line underneath that doesn't appear in ignition. The code blocks render different.

It looks like we have an open ticket to upgrade the markdown library we use, but it's blocked on some other issues...

One of the noted improvements, though, is:

"It is now 100% CommonMark compliant: that means it works the same as in other places, such as Discourse, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and GitHub."

So maybe that would help. I've added this forum thread to the ticket to bump the customer count.


I was missing, remove the empty lines in the list

Ok I can continue tailoring the output of MarkText to fit ignition like @calimero100582 is suggesting. I look forward to improvements to the markdown editor!

Will it support syntax highlighting also?

I don't know.