Using FactoryTalk gateway with RSLinx Classic & Enterprise

I upgraded FactorySQL which was working with FactoryTalk Gateway on top of RSlinx Classic & RSLinx Enterprise CPR9 for more than a year with no problems, to ignition.

The same project was imported into ignition and I had quite many problems with ignition’s OPC Com module and SQL bridge module. Had long dicussions with Inductive Automation including error logs etc but it didnt come to any improvement and eventually had to downgrade back to FactorySQL and since then everything has been smooth again.

The same OPC Server and Groups worked OK on FactorySQL but not on ignition. I used uptill 7.5.3.

We are using FactoryTalk Platform for HMI and other softwares so need to have the same source for Ignition also instead of using OPCUA drivers and needed to make Ignition work with it just as well.

Anyone else using Ignition SQL bridge with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Gateway?