Using free trial version of Ignition. I need help with changing fonts/style of text boxes, labels, etc

Having trouble finding where I go to change the font size, color on Text Boxes, Labels and such. I’m using version 8,0.1 right now. Any help?

Are you using vision or perspective? Either way start here. This will at least teach you what questions to ask.

Everything, you’re asking about. is part of that component’s properties.

so if you have a label

and you wanted to change the text size it might look like this… 24px

or 1vw

All of these are edited on a view with the designer app. Typically using the property editor. Usually on the right hand side of the screen.

Thanks for the reply. I am using Vision. I am just starting out with Ignition and have begun going through the topics in Ignition University.

That is how I learned lol