Using Ignition to run the plant from remote location


We are using Ignition 7.5.13 in one of our plants and we have connected it with ABB 800xA engineering station through OPC DA. We did DCOM Settings in Ignition server and ABB 800xA’s Engineering Station (OPC Surrogate) and we are able to fetch tags to monitor the real time data. Currently ABB’s Operating Station is used to run the plant.

Now we are trying to operate the plant from Ignition without disturbing the existing ABB architecture, so that Ignition can be used to run the plant from remote location such as Headquarters and ABB’s operating Station can be used to run the plant from the Plant’s Control room.

We are facing difficulties in doing this. When we try to browse ABB tags in Ignition OPC Browser, Alarms are getting blocked in Operating Station.We have to disable and enable Alarm Manager in Engineering Station to resolve this isue temporarily. Whenever we try to browse OPC tags, this happens and we have to disable and enable the Alarm Manager every time.

The other issue is we are only able to read the ABB tags and not able to write. We couldn’t figure out if we are not able to find the correct OPC item path or we need any authentication or access from ABB to write. Kindly help us resolve these issues.