Using keboard 10 key on the Numeric Keypad

The issue that I am having is I do not know if you can enable the 10 key on the key board as the input to the Numeric Keypad. We are at a stage of having some touch screens but most machines do not. They like the Numeric Keypad but want the option of using the keyboard and not just the mouse. I am new to this software and individual operator panels is what I have done in the past, so hopefully there an easy way to do this?

Using 7.5.4 (b1206)


I’m not sure if I understand the question. I’m used to digits 0-9, but don’t recall seeing a 10 key. Do you have a non-standard keyboard of some kind? Would typing “1” followed by “0” on the keyboard accomplish what you are looking for?

I think he’s referring to the 10-key numeric group, not a key with the number 10 printed on it :wink:

Thanks Kevin! I figured I must be confused :scratch:

brocha, there may be a way to do what you’re looking for with the included popup touch screen numeric keypad. I’m sure you could accomplish this if you made your own numeric keypad.

Another possible solution: if touch screen mode is not enabled, operators can click in the numeric entry field and type a number in with the keyboard. There are functions to enable/disable touch screen mode which you could call at each client based on whether the client has a touch screen or not–or even give a button on the screen to switch modes.

Sorry about the confusion and yes, I was talking about the keypad 0-9 on the keyboard. I was looking for a simple solution, one embedded in the software, to have the ability to use the keyboard keypad as an input to the popup numeric keypad on the screen.