Using Local Fallback capability for SECS/GEM module

Is it possible to use the Local Fallback capability to handle a situation where an equipment connection exists on the gateway running on the server, and if the gateway on the server gets restarted, for the time that it takes to restart, could a local copy of the SECS/GEM module take over and handle messages from the tool?

The local fallback just redirects your client to a local Gateway if contact is lost with the remote one. This means that you would need to run equipment connections on two separate Gateways (and one set would always have to be disabled). You may get away with using the system.secsgem.enableDisableEquipment function on the local machine to enable the equipment connections when the local client opens during fallback, but you would have to call the same function again to disable the connections after you could determine the remote machine is back online. It might be theoretically possible, but I would be worried about losing messages during cutover and back.