Using maker edition to pull in data from my smart energy meter

Hi I know my energy provider (octopus energy) has an API so 3rd parties can pull the 30 min live data from the smart meters.
I’m interested to see how this could be pulled in to ignition.
This information could then be used to trigger switching off heating / lighting/sockets on determined trigger levels.
Has anyone built any projects that do this?

I haven't seen any such mention on the forum, but lurkers might pop up. :smile:

Meanwhile, can you provide a link to the API documentation?

Seems to be fairly straightforward. I'd use a gateway scheduled event that invokes a GET with and stores the result in a document memory tag. The httpClient will decode the json resonses for you, so you can assign directly to the document tag. Follow that with whatever script actions you like for your house control decisions.


Hi @batman01793, I am also with octopus, but I use the n3rgy API instead so it shouldn't matter if I switch supplier.

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