Using MAX function in Report Designer

According to the online help for the MAX function:

max(dataset, column OR number, number…)

Finds and returns the maximum value in the given column of the given dataset, or the max value in a series of numbers specified as arguments. When looking up the max in a dataset, the column may be specified as an index or as a column name. Any null values in the column are ignored. If there are no rows in the dataset, zero is returned.

In the report designer I have a cell that is using the MAX function. If I use the following syntax I get a result:


However, if I add another argument I get <N/A>:


Does anyone use this function in the Report designer? Is my syntax incorrect or is it just unable to process more than two arguments? I have a feeling I may be using this function incorrectly, as the examples in the help only show how to calculate the max value in a specified column or in a fixed series of numbers. I need to dynamically adjust the range that is evaluated by the MAX function based upon the day of a report. For example, today is the 23rd of the month. If I selected todays date for the report the MAX function should evaluate every day from the 1st until today. However, if I backtrack to the report for the 10th of the month the function should only evaluate values from the 10th back to the 1st day of the month. All the data is in the same column (Diff_w201_14), but the evaluated rows needs to change. Thanks for any help.

PJ Gonzales

The MAX function (max(dataset, column OR number, number…)) is and Expression Function that is used in Ignition but not the Report Designer.

The @max.column_name@ is used in the Report Designer to give the max value from a specific column.

You should set the custom property dataset to pull in only the data you need for the report. If you need to display the entire month’s data along with a subset of data for the month then I would create another customer property dataset for the subset of data.