Using mobile module under Linux

Found the knowledge topic “Running mobile module under Linux” in the knowledge-base.

Is this only necessary if running a headless server based distribution?

I installed the “Ignition demo machine” vm in virtualbox for test purposes and can run the moblile project by changing the DISPLAY=:8 to DISPLAY=:0 in the mobile settings environmental settings. It looks like whoever made the demo machine did all the steps in the knowledge-base article except step 5 which starts xvfb in display 8.

I also installed Ubuntu 14.10 Mate edition in VB with Ignition 7.7.4 and can run the mobile module without any of the steps of the knowledge-base article, only needing to put DISPLAY=:0 in the mobile settings.

Yes, the steps in the kb article should only apply to headless Linux distros. The mobile module relies on the Gateway machine having (in Linux) the X11 libraries installed. GUI distributions come with X11, but headless ones don’t.