Using not equal in If statement

Hello everyone,

I am trying to bind the visibility property of a label to an expression where I want some condition happens in order for the label to be shown.

Here is the condition:

I want this label to be shown when I do not have egress and have casement; However, the code is not working properly. I get the expression eval error.


Do you know what caused the error? Is it my program?

Thank you!

I think you have your not equals backwards. it should be != not =!. Also, please post your actual scripts/expressions on the forum and not screenshots when possible. It makes it easier for others to view, copy and paste, and test. Once you paste the code, you can highlight it then push the performatted text button which looks like </>. This will make your scripts very easy to read.


You don’t have the not equal operator correct



@Duffanator @dkhayes117. It worked! I thought the problem is with binding and visibility property, not this very simple sign which I completely ignored!! Anyways thank you very much!!!

Sure! I will. That is very good point!