Using opc.browseServer() on a remote gateway's connections

The Ignition setup I’m working on has one HMI server connected to another tag server, where the HMI server has the Vision module and some other stuff, and the tag server only has whats needed to connect to OPC tags, do history, etc. There is one device attached to the HMI server itself but its not relevant to me. The things I would love to use browseServer() on are connected to the remote tag server, and they don’t show up when using browseServer().

Does anyone know if there is some way to use browseServer in the way I’m looking for?

Option 1: create the tags you need on the remote gateway and access them through the remote provider, without using browseServer().

Option 2: make an OPC UA connection to the OPC server on the remote gateway, which will let you browse its devices and subscribe to tags in its OPC server.