Using Perspective Scripts in Project Library

I am running 8.0.4. I noticed that when I create a project script in the project library and I use the ctrl+spacebar I do not see the system.perspective package. Is this on purpose or will this be added in a newer version? I tried making the call anyways and it does seem to work just fine.

Hmm. I’m guessing you don’t see those on purpose because a project script can be called from anywhere. Your scripts happen to work because you’re calling them from Perspective right now, but if any other part of the system called into these project scripts it would fail.

I’ll ask around though.

edit: do entries from other modules show up? system.sfc or system.opcua for example?

Okay, so far it seems that only scripting functions that can run from all the scopes will be available for autocomplete. Things that are gateway scope only system.opcua, system.perspective, etc… do not get registered.

Yes, that is correct I am running it from a button in perspective. Is this safe to do then? Is there something in my script that I should add to check for the scope somehow to determine how to handle it before the call to system.perspective?