Using PMI to view documents

I’m developing PMI to be used for our document control systems, my plan is to have PMI link a table of addresses to documents that currently reside on our server.

I’ve gotten the document viewer to work with .html, .htm, .txt and .csv files but I’m unable to get it to work with .doc, .xls or .pdf files.

Also, on the .htm and .html files the document viewer does not display any lines from the document.

Would report plug in be a better option?

Actually, if all of your clients are on Windows, the (free) ActiveX plugin would work better.

Downloaded the ActiveX folder and tried to load into the Plug-ins through the gateway and received the error that the fold was the wrong extension.

What should I do?

What did you download? It should have been a file called ActiveXPlugin-1.0.1.fplg

Windows might have added a “.zip” extension onto it, trying to be “helpful”. Remove that extension if its there.