Using S7-1200 driver for Logo! PLCs

We have a few Logo PLCs from Siemens and one S7-1200 device. I can read from the S7-1200 but not the Logo PLCs. They show as connected but no tags come through.

Is there extra configurations that need to be made or should Ignition read both devices the same?

We are in the process of switching over so I don't have all the information about the Siemens and just started using the software.

I wasn't aware the Logo! devices were supported. They aren't listed in the user manual as supported (by an Ignition native connection). You may need to use some form of OPC UA connection, if they have it.

They are not a native connection.

I am trying to use OPC with the S7-1200 module but receiving no tags.

I am trying to figure out a way to connect them.

The Logos aren't supported and also not designed to be networked, other than a local HMI, using the limited web server or remote programming. It is really just a smart relay.

The cost difference to a 1200 is so small. I would recommend going to the 1200 if you need any data collection at all.

We've succeeded in reading from Siemens LOGO! devices using the Modbus TCP driver on port 502.
The OPC tag for M5 is configured like this:

It's disconnected at the moment and the guy who got it working is on leave.

We might replace. This was setup before us.

The device always shows disconnected no matter what I do. So tags never read.

I tried researching adding via Modbus

I'm just checking the silly stuff ...

  • Are you able to ping the device?
  • Are you able to log in to the LOGO's web server?
    (Both tests from the gateway, of course.)