Using SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) Realtime Automatic Controllers (RTACs) with Ignition

Hello all my dear Ignition users :slight_smile:

Have any of you ever used or heard of using SEL Controllers and implemented Ignition SCADA? If so could you share your experience with working on SEL controllers to get data into ignition, communication establishment, Tags, tag browsing etc…

I am working with a team who is preferring to use SEL controllers over AB, Siemens and I have never worked on SELs before. wondering if i could get some insights from my fellow Ignition users. any information will help me.

Thank you!

Never heard of that before…

But from the documentation on their website it looks like they support Modbus/TCP so worst case you could connect that way.


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It might be worthwhile contacting their customer service and asking what the possibilities are for external communications to ignition.

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Looks like DNP3 is an option, as well.