Using SMTP to sent multiline text msgs

I have some VB apps using SMTP to send SMS text messages to my Verizon cellphone,
now I am using Ignition gateway scripts to do the same but I haven’t been able to add line breaks to create a multiline text so it can be easier to read, ex: I’d like to get in a string something like this:

when using
it doesn’t work for SMS… I just get one single line with my HTML characters included…

is there a way to add a line break without HTML?
I’ve done this using other software like VB and just added CrLf to my string to create a line break…
NOTE: Using HTML in my string works fine when sending the information to an email account… it just doesn’t work using verizon SMS…

any thoughts?..

Have you tried the equivalent in Python/Jython?

s = "my string\r\nhas multiple lines\r\nbecause it's more readable"

yes :grinning:
‘\r\n’ worked perfectly