Using Stored Procedure in Ignition Report

I have a question about Data Sources in Reports. Has anyone been using a stored procedure instead of a direct sql statement for data sources in reports? Do you use Basic SQL Query query type or do you use a Script? What is suggested?

I’ve also noticed that the stored procedure runs fast in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is is slow to load in the report. Has anyone encountered this?

We just use the stored procedure just like a normal sql query and pass it the required parameters.


Will try that @PGriffith. Cheers.

When running a report, the CPU usage goes up to above 90%. Is there a way to check what’s causing this?

How much data (number of rows, number of columns) is returned by the query? How many pages is the resulting report?

You can get a thread dump (from the gateway web UI, in the status → diagnostics → threads section) while the query is running/the report is generating, but it likely won’t tell you a whole lot.

10 rows, 131 columns. 10 pages for the report, each page has 4 charts aned 8 tables